Bone graft

In order for dental implants to be a success, it is essential that the person’s jawbone actually has the adequate bone amount that will support dental implants. When there is not enough bone to support dental implants, a bone graft is a procedure that comes in rescue.

It is a procedure that adds bone to the person’s jaw so that dental implants can be successfully placed. The graft used can be a patient’s bone, but it can also be a bone harvested from animals (cows). Your own bone is a great choice. However, many people do not like this idea, in which case the bone used as a graft is harvested from cows.

Bone Graft

After the procedure is performed, you will have to wait a couple of months for dental implants to be placed.

This procedure sounds scary to many people. But the truth is, this procedure is a routine today, it is not complicated, and it is completely pain-free. Many people do not have enough bone to support the implants, in which case the bone graft procedure is performed.

Bone Graft

The most important thing is that you will be able to get dental implants because after bone graft procedure, you will have the adequate amount of bone and the implants will be successfully placed. The number of cases in which bone grafting fail is very low. If that is the case, the bone graft will be removed and you can try again. Generally, the bone graft success rate is incredibly high.