Oral surgery

Oral surgery is performed to treat various conditions. The oral surgery is performed by trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Dental implants – dental implants are one of the most popular options for missing teeth. A tooth loss may occur due to several reasons, and while there are many solutions such as dentures or dental bridges, dental implants are considered to be the best option. It is because they are strong, durable, and if you take a good care of the implants they can last a lifetime. Dental implants serve as a subsite for teeth roots. Implants are surgically attached in the jawbone.

oral surgery

Jaw-related issues – oral surgery is often used to treat jaw-related problems. Some of such problems are unequal jaw growth and temporomandibular joint disorders. In some cases, the surgery is done in order to correct jaw irregularities for persons who are about to start wearing dentures. After the oral surgery, the wearer of the denture will feel more comfortable because the dentures will fit better.

Wisdom teeth – This set of teeth develops last, and sometimes, a wisdom tooth may fail to fit through the gum properly. This can cause various issues, such as gum tissue infection, pain and swelling. When that is the case, a dentist will recommend for these teeth to be removed surgically.

oral surgery

Other issues – there are several other issues that are treated by oral surgery, including infections, sleep apnea, facial injury repair, just to name a few.