Root canal treatment

One of the treatments used to repair and save natural teeth that are infected or damaged is a root canal treatment. It is one of the mostly performed dental treatments, and thanks to it, every year millions of teeth are saved.

The root canal treatment is a dental procedure that includes the removing of the pulp – the tooth area that is damaged, its disinfection, cleaning, and filling.

It is a routine procedure, and it is usually completed in a single appointment. In some cases, two visits to the dentist are needed.

root canal

The dentist will first take an x-ray. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. During the treatment, the tooth pulp will be removed. Don’t worry – a tooth can survive without a pulp. After the pulp is removed, the roots will be filled, and you are done.

Many people believe that root canal treatment is complicated and painful. As mentioned, it is a routine procedure, and it is not painful. It is performed under local anaesthesia.

root canal

This treatment brings many benefits. First of all, it will save infected or damaged tooth. You will be able to bite and chew normally. Also, your tooth will look natural.

Keep in mind that this procedure is not complicated. The entire experience is quite comfortable, and most importantly, your tooth will be saved!